Dental Implants

Dental Implants are the cutting-edge solution to the problem of missing teeth. Whether your teeth rotted, were knocked out on accident, or had to be pulled, dental implants in Sarita Vihar are the best solution, as they look and act like normal teeth without meddling with the taste of your food or encompassing healthy teeth as dentures or retainers might. At our Sarita Vihar clinic, our Implant Specialist Dr Shourya Poswal relies on an assortment of teeth substitution tools like dental implants, dentures, zirconia crowns and bridges, and even bone grafting to ensure that your smile is functional and beautiful. As a prepared and highly trained prosthodontist, he ensures that all outcomes are tastefully immaculate, allowing patients to still retain their characteristic grin.

Dental implants include a progressive supplanting of your missing teeth with a titanium post that replaces rotting or missing teeth and eventually incorporates with your jaw bone for a natural feel and use. This procedure is exceptionally solid and extremely close to the consummate tooth substitution methodology. A crown, bridge, or dental replacement can also be utilized to lengthen the lifespan of other embedded teeth. Once in a while, a minor oral medical procedure called bone joining is required when the encompassing delicate tissue or bone around the missing tooth is influenced, while dental Implants are favoured when different or all teeth are absent. No matter the situation, our talented dentists can make dental implants easy, painless, and affordable using advanced technology. Dr Shourya is proud to offer Sarita Vihar’s best dental implant care and continues to innovate cutting edge solutions to provide patients with the best and brightest smile around.

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You can expect a thorough evaluation of your dental and medical history, a full clinical examination of your mouth, and transparent and honest dental advice on your visit. Once your treatment is scheduled, it is performed only by a qualified implant specialist who has been specially trained for your treatment. The material used in the treatment is from globally renowned systems like Osstem, Noble Biocare, Zimmer, and more, all of which have warranties of 15-20 years. Contact The Tooth Clinic for Dental Implants in Sarita Vihar.


Dental implants are easily the most popular and also the ideal solution, for replacing your missing tooth/teeth. They have definitely changed the course of dentistry in the last quarter of a century or so.

A dental implant is basically a titanium post which is surgically inserted into the jawbone beneath the gum line to work as a tooth root. Post insertion, an implantologist will attach a crown on top of the implant to ensure the appearance of a natural tooth.

Tooth Implants not only look and feel like your natural teeth but also function like.



One can face the problem of missing teeth at any point in life. Tooth loss can be due to trauma, accident, severe gum disease tooth decay or even due to poor oral hygiene. If left untreated missing teeth can lead to various consequences such as:

Dental Implants help to overcome all the above-mentioned problems. They are no doubt the best, and most popular solution for the replacement of missing teeth. Dental implants are fit for every individual having missing teeth irrespective of their age and gender. 

With a 98% success rate, implants assure dental patients about their teeth and gum’s wellbeing.

Dental Implants are essentially a titanium screw which is fused with the Jaw Bone.

Difference Between Dental Implants & Bridges





Placing a dental implant has various stages. They are listed as below:

Placing The Implant

Thanks to the modern dentistry techniques, it’s possible to make the implant placement procedure comfortable and pain-free. Concerned patients can also ask the dentist for sedation to feel relaxed while a dental implant is placed.

The procedure starts with the jawbone preparation, and the surgeon then makes a cut to expose the bone for drilling holes. The holes are kept deep enough for the implant to be placed properly and placed deep into the bone, like the root.

The doctor may require bone grafting in cases where the bone is weak or lacks the strength to support implant surgery. The surgeon then waits for the jawbone to heal and after that, places the metal post in it.

The entire process, from start to finish, may take many months where most of the time is spent on healing and waiting for the growth of new bone in the jaw.

After this, a temporary crown is given to the patient which is placed to fill the gap, and also for achieving the aesthetic goal. This crown can be taken off for implant procedure, one has to wait until the bone is healed properly


During this process, the jawbone will grow and unite with the surface of the dental implant. This process is also referred to as osseointegration as it helps to offer a durable base for the new artificial tooth, much like roots do for the natural teeth.

In general, this process takes between 3 to 6 months depending on the bone health & structure. However, the whole procedure can get completed in one day itself when patients have good bone structure.

After that, you can schedule the second surgery but only once the implants are fused with the bone. Your dentists will take an x-ray to confirm whether the implant is fit for the second surgery.

The second surgery will be simpler than the first where a new incision is made to expose the heads of the implants.

Abutment Placement

You may need another surgery to place the abutment (the piece where the crown will attach) but only after healing is complete. This procedure is relatively simple typically done with anesthesia in an outpatient setting.

During the procedure, the dentist will re-open the wound to attach the abutment to dental implant. A temporary crown will be given for 4 to 6 weeks to let the gums around the abutment heal. Such a crown is softer which can cushion the implant and may stress the soft tissues that can help in healing.

For precaution purpose, you may need to eat only soft foods after each stage of surgery so to let the surgical site heal properly.

Placement Of Permanent Crown

In the next stage, the dentist will focus on making the permanent crown look exactly like your natural teeth. All the elements like the surface texture, color and anatomy will be tuned up to blend with the surrounding dentition.

If you are not happy with the crown for any reason, consult your dentist so that it can be sent back to the dental technician for necessary changes.

Impressions of your mouth and remaining teeth are taken to make the crown so that a realistic-looking artificial tooth can be made. The crown, however, will not be placed until the jawbone is strong enough to support the new tooth.

It takes less than 2 to 3 weeks to make a permanent crown which will then be cemented or screwed to the Implant.

After permanent crown placement, your doctor will explain post-implant care instruction.



Good oral hygiene is important not just for your teeth and gums but also for overall wellbeing. Follow these tips to improve your oral health:

Visit the dental clinic regularly and try to achieve good oral hygiene to make your implants last for life.