Water Floss

If you are looking for the best portable water flosser for maintaining oral hygiene, buy this. Its advanced features address all kind of hygiene concerns that you have. It cleans up dental implants, plaque buildups and braces efficiently and provides many other benefits. It is easy to use as it is a great choice for those who have never used this kind of device earlier. It comes with 4 flossing jet tips so that everyone in your family can have their own flossing jet tip. It has removable water tank with 300 ml water storage capacity to ensure flossing for long enough. Its memory function will store the same water pressure mode and remains same whenever you turn it ON again.

  • Single Use and Non-Shredding Floss

  • Easy to use

  • Toothpick attached

  • FREE STIM Interdental Brush - ISO 2 ( 1 Piece )